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SIM cards and data included


$4 a day with 3 cameras supplied and installed


$349 per camera with 1 year service and support

$449 per camera with 2 years service and support

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peace of mind

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the technology

Peace of mind is important

Having spent time as a patient in Emergency due to allergies, we have witnessed the overwhelming number of elderly people admitted to Emergency from falling over. We were not aware that one elderly person over the age of 65 was admitted to hospital every 14 minutes in Western Australia from falling over at home.
The families we met in Emergency were deeply upset that their loved ones had been lying on the floor at home injured or unconscious for hours and sometimes days. After researching the available options for monitoring the elderly and disabled in their own homes, we found the SOS necklace device to be the most popular choice.
We decided to create a product that would compliment the SOS device by providing on-demand real-time photos to family and friends anywhere in the world, day or night. Our goal is to provide genuine peace of mind throughout the working day, as well as a comfortable night's sleep for everyone involved by providing the security of photos 24 hours a day.
With our service you simply send the word 'photo' in a txt to our privately owned mobile network server, and then receive photos of your loved one right back to your phone. It's exactly the same as the txt msg's you have been sending to family and friends for years.
Our unique service uses custom software over the mobile phone network. Our service does not need a land line or an internet connection and in most cases these two savings can off-set the cost of our entire service.
You can register 5 family and friends phone numbers so your close circle of family can feel comfortable that their loved ones are in good health and living an independent life with freedom and dignity.
If you are spending hours each week driving back and forth simply to check if a family member has fallen over or injured themselves, please give us a call and see how we can help your family have genuine peace of mind 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.
If you can send a txt message, you can use our service…..It’s really that simple......With 1 phone call we can have you set-up and installed in less than 1 hour with a clean, neat, quiet and dust free install.


Yes, you can apply for funding for our service under the category of Assistive technology: such as devices that assist mobility, communication and personal safety.

Data Privacy is important

Privacy is the single most commonly asked question about our service.
Our service is provided using the mobile phone network. The mobile network removes any concern with data privacy, so you can feel safe that data is not stored or transmitted via the internet.
We invested a lot of money to ensure your family's privacy is protected from the internet. It would have been cheaper for us to use the internet to provide our service, but we feel the privacy of the elderly and disabled is better protected by avoiding the internet and social media all together.

Personal Privacy is Important

Privacy in your own home is a right that must be respected and protected. When you request a photo from our service your family members will hear our cameras perform an audio 10,9,8,7........1 count down before taking a photo. This gives enough time for dignity to remain protected.
As long as your elderly or disabled loved one is aware of the purpose of our cameras and they have given verbal consent then that is all that is required. If in doubt please seek legal advice.
It's quite normal to find our customers have initial concerns about privacy until they see our cameras in place and experience a long overdue good night's sleep knowing their loved ones are safe and sound.
We invested our heart and soul into Perth Elderly & Disabled Monitoring to preserve and protect independent living for your cherished loved ones, and we would love the opportunity to show you just how easy it is to have genuine peace of mind from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.

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Peace of mind is important
there is no app to download
no username or password
no account sign-up
no internet connection
no data privacy issues
Our cameras use SIM cards
SIM cards are included
data is included
Free install
Non-destructive install
or you can DIY.
Have peace of mind
with 3 cameras
unlimited photos
register 5 family members
lifetime parts warranty
$ 4 a day
$ 129 per month
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